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Dishing for Dana

Posted on: April 7, 2011

Some times when life gives you a bunch of lemons, make lemonade. Or a really good limoncello. There’s a lot of dishes that can me made with lemons, but no one more explifies this attitude than Dana, the original and incomparable Broke Ass Bride.

Dana, a fellow wedding blogger, started her foray into the wedding industry as like many of us, a woman looking to save a couple of bucks on her upcoming wedding in Los Angeles. I first started following Dana when she was blogging for the Weddingbee as Mrs. Meatball. I too was in the midst of wedding planning and I loved how she was a masterful wordsmith dishing with us all candidly about her finds and trades. When she wrote her last post on the Weddingbee, I followed her onto her own blog (Broke Ass Bride) and continued to be blown away by her and her husband’s craftiness, great deals, and all around awesomeness. She and her talented husband, Hunter (Fresh Hubby),  has definitely changed the game of the wedding business by teaching us all that you can have a gorgeous green wedding on a beer budget and it CAN be as chic and blog worthy as the next that might be on a champagne budget. She and Fresh Hubby are a force to be reckoned with and I am excited to see where the future will take them.

While a pioneer in wedding blogging community, Dana personally has been battling a series of unfortunate heath issues. She is currently battling an autoimmune disease called Uveitis, which causes inflammation, visual disturbances and blurriness in her left eye. Also a rare deep-tissue form of a disease called Granuloma Annulare, which causes an awful inflammation in her foot. She has chronicled her battles with these two diseases on her blog and it is heart breaking to read. She will be going in for her 12th surgery on her left eye again soon. Here’s where you come in. She needs your help.

Dana LaRue Stiebel, Broke Ass Bride, Autoimmune Disease

With the heathcare system as it is now and just everyday life, Dana and Hunter faces large amounts of debt created from trying to take care of her health issues. Finally coaxed by her friends in the wedding community to get help with paying off her debt, she has created a “FUNraiser” that helps her with paying off her debt but also donates a small portion of what she has raised to American Autoimmune Related Disease Association. Her “FUNraiser” is called Dishing for Dana and here are some more details:

The solution
♥  We’re compiling beloved comfort food recipes and the stories behind them from the most bad-ass bloggers and beyond… available in varying forms, in exchange for donations to my medical care.
♥  There are incentives for varying levels of donation, which you can learn about here.
♥  The recipes, photos and stories will be teased here on our Dishing for Dana blog, and once a donation is processed, a password to access the full recipes will be released to each donor.

The Goal
♥  $13,000 to cover my current medical bills
♥  $6,032 to cover our health insurance premiums for the remainder of 2011
♥  $2,000 to donate to the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association toward helping others with autoimmune disease
For a total minimum of $22,000.

The Details
♥  You can donate any amount you choose, no minimum, no rules. Because every quarter is a quarter more than we had yesterday. It all adds up.
♥  We will donate 10% of all proceeds up to our goal, to the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association, so every dollar contributed not only goes toward my medical care, but also toward researching a cure to benefit everyone with autoimmune disease.
♥  Anything raised in excess of the goal will be split 50/50 with the AARDA – our portion of which will be saved in a dedicated, interest-bearing account toward any future surgeries and ongoing medical care.

For more information how you can help Dana, click here. You can email directly at dana{at}

Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. If you haven’t been to her blog, go check it out by clicking here.

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2 Responses to "Dishing for Dana"

Thank you so so much! You have always been such a true friend to us and we are seriously blessed to have you in our community and lives. Your help and support with this mean more than words can ever say, and I am humbled and grateful. I really hope that some day soon I can buy you a margarita and give you a huge hug – because you deserve it! xoxoxo

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